Homo erectus

This is where I walked this morning.
And I just loved it!
And I am never going to tell anybody that I sat on my bum in the long grass to take the pictures of the fluffy little balls of nature against the sun and that I couldn’t get up again because of the knees and the balance and yes, the age, and that I sat there for a few minutes IMG_2390casually pretending that that is exactly where I wanted to be but I am sure I didn’t convince the dogs because they sat in a straight stripe in front of me staring and I am almost sure I heard them laugh but I am 100% sure they were giggling hysterically when I got onto my knees and joined them on all fours and nonchalantly walked like a fat bull terrier to a spot where I was able to pull myself up to the homo erectus position again.
And I am also not giving away the secret that seeing the world from canine level, so close to earth, truly gave me a new perspective on the wonders of nature.
I am keeping all of this, to myself.

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  1. Sonia says:

    Reading your stories always leave me with a smile and a warm, wonderful feeling….thank you for sharing..x


    1. Riekiekies says:

      Thank you my friend!


  2. Rachel says:

    I just love your work beautiful pictures….. what time do you get up for your walks?


    1. Riekiekies says:

      Thanks Rachel. I usually try and be out there by 7am. It really is the best time of day – it is cold yes, but the air is fresh and beautiful.


  3. Rachel says:

    I just love your work. Beautiful pictures . What time do you get up for your walk


  4. Estelle Burger says:

    Amazing voel of Ek daar is saam met jou! Briljant geskryf.


  5. Reblogged this on newlifeaftermarriage and commented:
    Sitting on my lil Stoep.. reading life moments like this..making me want to go down on fours and see the world from a different level..


  6. Nina Talliard says:

    Behind the complicated hides the simplicity of life… and you always seem to find and celebrate it. Love your photographs too.


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