Old friends

I had a long, silly, bordering on surreal and weird conversation with an old friend last night.

We talked about made-up stuff, sharply and with patience weaved and knitted our words into some real issues.

Constantly painting every word with our choices of colours, flavours and innuendos.IMG_6383

And we laughed and laughed and laughed until the tears rolled down our aging cheecks.

And later.

When I switched off my light and said good night to the moon and a sleeping Africa, I realised that the childlike things that connected us all those years ago, were still in place.

Even after 50 years of traveling our own journeys in separate worlds.

And I knew that friendship, love and being loved, have no borders.

Life is really about untouchable things. Respect. Honesty. And unconditional acceptance of one self, each other and the magic of nature.

And from that , everything else will just flow into place.

All by itself.

Like stars.


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